Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week 1: Mastering the Mindset Part 1

    • Monday: The Mind-Body Connection with Laurie
    • Monday: 3 Ways to Conquer Limiting Beliefs with Carrie Vee
    • Tuesday: Stop Dieting and Start Loving Yourself with Brandi
    • Tuesday: Change By Choice with Brandi
    • Wednesday: The Sign at Home Depot that Changed Everything with Terra
    • Wednesday: It's the Start the Stops You with Tiffany
    • Thursday: Tips to Dress for More Confidence with Jordan
    • Thursday: 3 Tips to Fun, Freedom, and a Love of Life with Madelaine
    • Friday: What have you learned? Plus, CHALLENGE day
  • 2

    Week 2: The Truth About Hormones

    • Monday: The Truth About Hormones with Dr. Kylie
    • Monday: Why are my Thyroid Labs Normal, Yet I Feel Like Crap? with Dr. Kylie
    • Tuesday: Hysterectomy Gone Oh, So Wrong! with Bethany
    • Tuesday: What Your Gynecologist Doesn't Know about ENDOmetriosis with Dr. Kylie
    • Wednesday: What you didn't know about your thyroid with Dr. Greg
    • Wednesday: 4 Factors Destroying Your Thyroid with Dr. Kylie
    • Thursday: Navigating Menopause so It's Smooth Sailing with Dr. Deb
    • Friday: What did you learn? I have a private invitation for you inside here.
  • 3

    Week 3: Feed the Brain

    • Monday: 3 Causes + 1 Simple Step to Curb Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Kylie
    • Monday: Lori changed her story. You can too.
    • Tuesday: A Special Invitation with Dr. Kylie
    • Tuesday: The Depression and Infection Connection with Dr. Kylie
    • Wednesday: Feed the Brain with Shelly
    • Thursday: 5 Ways Toxins Destroying Health with Dr. Kylie
    • Thursday: 3 Ways to Reduce Toxic Load with Dr. Kirstin
    • Friday: Remember, now go forth with power in your healing journey
  • 4

    Week 4: "I Just Don't Feel Like Myself."

    • Monday: The Easiest Activity You Can Do to Improve Your Health with Jamie
    • Tuesday: "I Just Don't Feel Like Myself." Lab Review with Dr. Kylie
    • Tuesday: Navigating the Grocery Store with Kelli
    • Wednesday: Is Your Home Making You Sick? with Christine, NP
    • Thursday: Where do I begin? with Dr. Kylie
    • Friday: I'm feeling empowered. I hope you are!
  • 5

    Week 5: Debunking Myths

    • Monday: Debunking Myths About Arthritis with Alyssa, PT
    • Tuesday: How to Resolve Gut Issues Like Diarrhea and Constipation with Dr. Rick
    • Tuesday: 3-Step Gut Rehab with Dr. Kylie
    • Wednesday: 3 Lies we are being told about INFERTILITY with Dr. Kylie
    • Wednesday: 6 Ways To Boost Fertility with Dr. Kylie
    • Thursday: Is Brittney's story similar to yours? with Dr. Kylie
    • Thursday: Fixing Infertility with Dr. Kylie
    • Friday: So many myths debunked!
  • 6

    Week 6: The Power of Functional Medicine

    • Functional Medicine Can Be Powerful When It's Done Right with Dr. Kylie
    • BONUS: Before you buy another supplement, know this...
    • BONUS: Pick Your Clean Cooking Recipe
    • BONUS: Shock Wave Therapy
    • BONUS: 3 tips for improving any relationship
    • Are you thinking BEYOND THE DIAGNOSIS yet?
  • 7

    Keep Your Momentum Going

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