Course curriculum

  • 1

    Mastering Stress so You Can Thrive with Madelaine Weiss

    • How to turn stress into a positive so you can thrive at all times.
  • 2

    What do you do when you hear those words...

    • "You have cancer." Now what?
  • 3

    Emotion Releasing Session

    • Coach Jen Poulson walks us through a group emotional release session.
    • Coach Jen is back by popular demand and you need these affirmations!
    • Let's release Judgement with coach Jen LIVE 5.17.21
    • Releasing "a diagnosis is not who we are" with Coach Jen. LIVE 6.7.21
    • Weight Loss (part 1) with Coach Jen (July 2021)
    • Weight Loss (part 2) with Coach Jen (July 2021)
    • Chronic Fatigue with coach Jen (August 2021)
    • Anxiety and Depression with coach Jen Poulson
    • The most powerful tool we can be given: forgiveness (October 2021)
    • Holidays can be rough. Let's change that (part 1). (November 2021)
    • Holidays can be rough. Let's change that (part 2). (November 2021)