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    • I'm so excited for you! What you need to know before diving in...
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    • Before we begin...
    • If Abby can do it, so can you.
    • She's no longer on her thyroid medication after 20+ years! If Jae can do it, so can you.
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    Week 1: Mastering the Mindset and the Diet

    • Monday: Good Things are Coming Your Way with Terra
    • Tuesday: 3 Ways to Conquer Limiting Beliefs with Carrie Vee
    • Wednesday: What to Eat to Balance Hormones and So Much More. This is GOLD!
    • Thursday: Eating in Sync with your Cycle
    • BONUS: Stop Dieting and Start Loving Yourself with Brandi
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    Week 2: Crack Your Thyroid Code

    • Why are my thyroid labs normal, yet I feel like crap?
    • Neurotransmitter Questionnaire
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    Week 3: Let's Go LIVE

    • See it In Action
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    Next Steps...

    • More Resources for You
    • Before you go...