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Functional Medicine Treatment 

 I understand that Functional Medicine does not treat disease. It treats dysfunctions found in the systems of the body. To correct these dysfunctions, a variety of techniques and remedies are included. They are described below:

Clinical nutrition examines the relationship between diet and health. It goes way beyond the standard thinking of a healthy American diet (2,000 calories, the food plate, etc.). This advanced approach to nutrition is based on evidence, research, and individualized testing (when appropriate). Therefore, special diets may be recommended as part of my treatment plan. I understand that these diets are another avenue for my body to heal and function efficiently and at a high level. The more compliant I am with them, the greater chance my body has at healing.

Lifestyle counseling involves identifying risk factors and helping patients to make informed choices to reach and maintain optimal health. I understand that part of the Dr. Kylie team will help coach me (via videos or virtual consultations) along my journey back to optimal health. If lifestyle recommendations are included in my treatment plan, they will help me find ways to incorporate it into my life, improving my healing capacity.

I understand the herbs, remedies, and nutritional supplements that are recommended are considered safe in the practice of oriental medicine. They are to be consumed according to the instructions provided both orally and in writing and that some formulations may have an unpleasant smell or taste. I also agree to notify the Dynamic Health Center team immediately if I experience any unanticipated or unpleasant effects associated with the consumption of any supplements, herbs, or remedies. I also understand it is my responsibility to disclose any and all current medication or natural supplements I am currently taking or if I am pregnant (or planning to become pregnant) during my course of treatment. Possible side effects to the herbs, supplements, or remedies may include: nausea, gas, stomachache, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, rashes, or hives.

I also do not expect the Dr. Kylie and her team to anticipate and explain all possible risks and complications of treatment but that treatments utilized are research based and backed by strong evidence.